Hi, friend! So you’re interested in essential oils?! I am so happy to hear it! I got started using oils in 2013 when I was pregnant, and I had SUCH phenomenal results that I started ordering monthly and sharing with friends. Here’s a little more About Me!

Here’s a little bit about WHAT oils are! Most people find them totally new and a little confusing. It’s ok. 🙂

Truth be told, I tried other brands before I tried Young Living oils and I did not have the results I was looking for. I had already bought an entire starter kit from a “competing” company, and turned around and bought the Young Living kit just so that I could get in on the education and training that my YL friends were offering. I am still in those circles, and if you buy from me you will have access, too! 🙂

25-year-old company, and the global leader in EOs. No other company owns and operates their own farms worldwide. Literally every other company is just a rebottling company (buying cheap oils from wherever and rebottling and labeling them like they’re the best). And my personal experience is that “other” oil companies’ products are copycat only and don’t work as well because they don’t have the same quality or years of research behind them.

So, you’re probably wondering how to use oils because that is the biggest learning curve. They’re so different from what we are “used” to reaching for, right? But it really is easy. Just apply, inhale, or ingest. Yes, you can use Young Living oils internally! They are FDA approved for internal use.

If you are still a little hesitant, it’s ok! You can look up TONS of published medical research on essential oils and their uses on PubMed.gov – yes, it’s a .gov site. 🙂 Try typing into Google, “PubMed lavender essential oil” and see what comes up!

Oils are super versatile, which is one reason they actually make financial sense to use regularly. Lavender has like 101 uses, that I’ve found. Probably more. 😉

You can get preferred customer pricing with any $100 order, any $50 subscribe-to-save, or a starter kit!

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