Girl, Go Feed the Homeless

This article “Girl, Follow Jesus” is making its rounds. I won’t even share the hyperlink so it doesn’t get additional clicks/boost the Google algorithm for it. It’s a critique of The NY Times Bestselling book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis.

Most everyone I’ve seen share this negative article haven’t even read Rachel Hollis’ books. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s so disheartening to me to see people tearing down something they haven’t even looked at.

The author of this article, Jen Oshman, isn’t even a well-known writer! She’s a freelancer who wrote a piece for an organization that has a platform and a following. Nobody even knows who Jen Oshman is, but they are quick to take her words for truth.

Jen takes Rachel’s words completely out of context and extrapolates meaning the author does not imply or intend in her writing! That is such a sleazy way to write. Ugh.

“Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing” are self-help books. They talks about being MADE FOR MORE than we often settle for, as in: get off your butt and find your GOD-given calling in life, and pursue it passionately.

Get up early. Eat well. Exercise. Do devotions and feed your mind with good stuff so you can show up well for you what God calls you to, and serve your spouse and family.

She even talks about the importance of keeping your sexual connection to your spouse alive! Ohhhh a message so many people need. Thriving marriages are crucial for keeping families together!

The richness of Rachel’s books is in the DOING of the things that God calls us to. She’s not beating us over the head with Scripture or claiming to know the interpretation of deeply meaningful Bible passages. No ma’am. She is literally writing about the lies we believe as women (like “I’m not ____ enough” to do {whatever I feel called to do}) and she calls it out and says that’s a lie that’s keeping you from doing all you’re called to do. Whatever that looks like for you, between you and your Maker.

To Jen Oshman, I say: girl, go feed the homeless or do something more useful than writing an article that’s designed to criticize something God has called another woman to do (and is clearly blessing!).

To women who haven’t read the book but who want to take this obscure nobody’s opinion for truth: read it with an open mind for what it IS (self help), and quit bashing something you don’t even have a clue about. Have the courage to have an original opinion.

To “my pal” Rachel Hollis: don’t let the haters get you down. You’re doing the work God created you to do and He is clearly blessing it. Thank you for a work that helps me be a better woman, wife, mom, entrepreneur, and so much more!

To my fellow strugglers who are encouraged by Rachel’s work: don’t let the religious people who cast judgment make you question whether or not God is doing valid works in and through you because of this Gospel Coalition article. Your faith is strong, and you’re my people.

(And PS: when Rachel Hollis says “follow me,” she literally means use the Follow button on Instagram. But if this post offends you, by all means UNfollow me!)

***If anyone does not yet use Audible, your first book is free! Use your one free credit to listen to either book by Rachel Hollis!! I highly recommend them both, I have them both in her cover and on audible but I love hearing her read her own work aloud!

Here’s the link to Girl, Stop Apologizing:

Here’s the first book, Girl Wash Your Face:

Fight the good fight by giving MORE positive attention to Rachel Hollis’s works! 👊🏼✨