Elderberry syrup with essential oils

It’s time to get your elderberries for flu season, folks! The prices have gone UP by nearly 100% in the last month, so get them now before they’re all SOLD OUT like they were last year. You REALLY want organic berries because you are making a concentrate, and a private seller is more likely to be truly organic (no herbicides, pesticides). You don’t want concentrated herbicides and pesticides in your syrup! Defeats the point.

Currently, this is the best deal of all Amazon sellers and the brand I have bought for the season. I use the Honey internet browser extension to see price changes. It’s only gone UP, so I would get it before it goes up again or is sold out. ($40/lb is expensive but still much more affordable than purchasing bottled syrup!)

This is my favorite recipe:

Combine 2/3 cup elderberries and 3.5 cups water in your Instant Pot. Set the manual time to 5 minutes. NPR 10 mins, release pressure, remove lid, and put on Saute for about 20 mins or until liquid is reduced by about half. Let cool to lukewarm. Strain the liquid into your storage jar and discard the elderberries. Add 1 c. raw honey, 5 drops Young Living Thieves essential oil, and 10 drops Young Living orange essential oil. Both of these can be found in our “vitality” line and are FDA-approved for internal use. Get your essential oils here.

Stir to combine and store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a month, OR water bath or pressure can your syrup in jelly jars so that you can store and share.

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