Newby shopping list

So you just got your oils, and you need #AllTheThings to use them, like:

  • roller bottles
  • fractionated coconut oil
  • spray bottles for Thieves Household Cleaner
  • etc etc etc

I’ve got you covered! Behold, your master shopping list of EO accessories!

First of all, use Amazon Prime. Obvs. I’ve been a member since 2006. That’s 12 years of paying $119/yr for free shipping on everything I buy cuz it’s worth it. No pants required to click ‘Buy Now’ and have it ship to your door free in 2 days.

(And if you’re doing Amazon Prime, make sure you’re also taking advantage of Essential Rewards and using YL GO or GO+ to get free shipping from YL, too.)

First of all, you need a quality carrier oil because essentials can be spicy on the skin. You absolutely must have some quality carrier on hand if you are using oils at all. You can use grapeseed or olive oil from the store, as well as avocado or sesame oil right from the cooking section. Please do not use canola oil or a generic “vegetable” oil, which is processed and NOT at all healthy. I love the Young Living V-6, but if you have a wheat or tree nut allergy you can’t use it. So be sure to grab some quality Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).

Some fun accessories to help you maximize your oils:

1. Roller bottles allow you to dilute and keep handy for easy application. Perfect for kids! Digize + Pep for tummy support when you go out to eat, Thieves for immune support, Raven for lung support, Lavender to CALM yourself on the fly. I like these because they are glass rollers, color coded, and the clear bottle allows you to either add a label or display dried flowers or crystals inside these cuties. These labels are really cute and a good way to remember what’s what. I prefer vinyl labels to any others I have tried.

2. A glass spray bottle (or two) for your cleaner! In your starter kit, you get a sachet of Thieves household cleaner! There are 4 tablespoons in the sample, allowing you to make 1 bottle of all purpose cleaner (replacing all your glass cleaner, counter tops, wood cleaner, and all the surfaces), 1 bottle of HEAVY DUTY cleaner for your bathrooms and stubborn kitchen areas and then a LAUNDRY STAIN STICK for removing suborn stains from your clothes and kids clothes! (Just use one of the roller bottles linked above for the stain stick).

3. Epsom Salts! Baking soda and magnesium baths are detoxing and relaxing, a perfect way to end the day! Adding oils allows for them to seep in and do their magic! I love lavender, Panaway, copaiba…all the things. Baking soda is a SUUUPER awesome way to clean your house! Carpets, bathrooms, kitchen sink…ESPECIALLY with Citrus fresh! Deodorizing and clean.

4. The Fearless book ($5, usually a gift from me with your welcome packet) and the Life Science Publishing Pocket Reference App (Pocket on the Go). You will have to purchase the app on the publisher’s website, then follow the instructions in the email they send you to download the app properly. It’s a GOLD MINE of info!

5. If you want to be fancy or you are a little type-A about labeling and marking things consistently, you can get this label maker. I got the Silhouette Cameo 3 because I’m extra like that.

That’s just a starter list. You could also get castile soap and some foaming pump bottles to add your own EOs to, for really cheap easy naturally scented hand soap at every sink!

If you buy oils through me, I send you a little starter bundle of some cute things like this including Fearless and the app. 🙂

Don’t forget, you never want to put essential oils like lemon into a plastic vessel. Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel. I love my Yeti. 🙂

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