Diet, exercise and mood

Took a little break to get my health back on track.

I’ve cut gluten, sugar, dairy, processed foods, coffee (all caffeine except Slique tea and Ningxia Nitro, actually), and alcohol from my diet in the last week, and I feel amazing. I can breathe better, my inflammation and congestion are greatly decreased, and my essential oils work better in my body. I also ran twice and did yoga once. It wasn’t all my exercise hopes and dreams for the week, but I’ll take it.

I have also been tracking NSVs (NON scale victories) including:

  • perfect digestion after years of nausea and dumping syndrome that doctors call “IBS”
  • hooked my bra on the smallest strap
  • saddlebags gone and fat pockets on legs greatly reduced (I gain weight in weird places)
  • better sleep than I’ve ever had in my life
  • freedom from food obsession (what should I eat next, how many calories is this, etc)

Do you guys notice better mood and sleep when you are eating well and exercising? It’s not a new discovery, but it’s interesting for me to note that *I* myself am making these discoveries for the first time in my own life.

It was just time for me. I don’t know how else to describe why I took the plunge. I don’t know what habits I’ll carry over after my 10-day reset is over, but I think gluten and dairy are going to be on the chopping block pretty intensely.

I’d love to hear what lifestyle changes you have made that compliment your essential oil use and how they’ve affected your brain!