In my Living Fit Club, we journal or review our “Design Your Life” journals daily.

Today’s subject was Courage.

Write your viewpoint on courage and fear and how they relate to each other. Then write how they relate to you.

-How would your most courageous self look?
-How would you feel?
-What would you do differently?
-If you knew you had nothing to lose, what would you be doing that you haven’t done?

Here’s what I wrote:

Fear is a feeling.

Courage is having the ability to press through fear and feelings to do, say or accomplish whatever is necessary. 

My most courageous self knows HOW, WHEN or WHY I need to act or speak.

She follows through.

She sets her mind like flint and presses into difficulty, seeking guidance and wisdom.

She acts and feels confident in spite of circumstance, and answers fear “feelings” with faith STATEMENTS!

She does whatever she feels called to do, designing her life the way she envisions it. 

She accepts unpleasant tasks she has to do and strikes a balance between acknowledging that it’s not her ideal/choice and REALITY, choosing joy instead of discouragement.

If I had nothing to lose, I would ask/tell everyone about my business and dive in without giving fear any credibility.

Essential oils that enhance this exercise:

Stress Away, Copaiba, Sacred Mountain, Gathering, Believe, Idaho Balsam Fir, Valor, Valor II (I used Lavender and Northern Lights Black Spruce)

Better than Wine

Here’s my recipe for a roll-on called “Better than Wine” (highly relaxing, makes you feel giddy and unwound)

10 drops each

The key is topping with Young Living Relaxation Massage oil as a carrier 😌 #betterthanwine

Here’s how you can get oils for your own roll-ons like this!

Make your own labels for adorable roller bottles with the Silhouette Cameo 3, which is what I use.