Taming Teenagers

Life with a teenager is an adventure that changes day by day, and sometimes moment by moment. I don’t have a teenager, but I *was* one once, and I have had a three-nager (does that count?). Toddlers and teens can be alike in their moodiness and lots of changes in their bodies! Having an arsenal of essential oils and essential oil products can help you navigate life with a teenager.

2 drops each of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Peppermint can help uplift moods and give
energy. Citrus Fresh is also good for uplifting moods.

Mornings can be a mystery, never knowing what mood the teenager will be in when they wake up. This isn’t because your teen is the worst child ever raised, although it may feel like it sometimes!

Diffusing essential oils can help improve moods and even encourage good moods while someone is still waking up (not to mention, even if your teen is still a turd — you’ll feel better with oils going!). The more consistent of a routine you can get in with your teenager in the morning, the more reliable their moods can become. Incorporating your kids (of all ages!) into that routine, with both oil and non-oil related tasks can help them feel like they have ownership in what goes on in the mornings. Giving them the support of essential oils before they head off to school can help make their time at school better, both emotionally and mentally.

Thieves Vitality in a smoothie or a cup of tea can help support their immune systems.

Making a roller bottle for your teens for their feet (at the least), and the back of their neck or their forehead (if they will tolerate it) is a great way to help them focus and feel calm. Try 10 drops each of GeneYus with orange; Clarity with orange; or just pop a roller on your Brain Power. Orange is really calming and uplifting, and goes well with oils that are stronger in scent.

“Mom, I’m home!”

Does hearing this yelled through the house in the afternoon or evening make you cringe a little? It’s ok if it does. 😉 Diffusing an uplifting blend like Joy can either keep their good mood going or help pull them out of a bad one. Again, citrus oils pair well with it and do a good job of uplifting and calming at the same time. I especially love grapefruit with Joy because of the high monoterpenes. Monoterpenes are the lightweight molecules that make you happy. I like to picture them like butterflies in the air.

The Tranquil roll-on can be good for both parents and teenagers for diffusing outbursts and swells of negative emotions. I like to roll it on my neck and wrists like perfume. It’s pretty convenient to have in a roll-on form to take anywhere.

When you know emotions are high, diffusing Peace & Calming (original or the 2nd Gen, Peace & Calming II) and applying Lavender can be a good way to calm down.

Rejection, betrayal, and heartache all become more real and frequent in the life of a
teenager. Forgiveness is good for seeing the bigger picture and forgiving all parties involved in the heartache (including themselves), and Valor can be good for calming AND giving them the confidence to know they can deal with anything (plus confidence in themselves).

Whether it’s hormones, junk food, or anything in between, most teenagers will experience acne and breakouts on their face and sometimes back. The Maximum Strength Acne Treatment will be your teen’s new best friend as they fight acne throughout the teen years. It has naturally-derived salicylic acid from wintergreen to help clear acne blemishes, pimples, and blackheads; but its plant-based powers don’t stop there! Tea tree essential oil helps cleanse your skin, while manuka oil reduces the appearance of blemishes. Aside from encouraging healthy eating habits, getting into a daily face care routine (outside of spot acne treatment) is a big part in combatting breakouts. Orange Blossom Facial Wash can be used comfortably for boys and girls and helps keep faces cleansed.

As teenagers are still growing and their minds are still developing, a good night’s sleep is crucial in their physical and emotional health.

● Dream Catcher is a great oil blend to diffuse for a teenager as their heads are filled with emotions and thoughts, and Dream Catcher calms both the mind and the body. 7 drops in the diffuser is a “perfect” number.

● Peace & Calming with Frankincense is also good as it can help calm the mind and body.

● Lavender, Orange, and Cedarwood helps parents sleep well at night — usually after staying up till curfew making sure they’re actually home, amiright?

You can make a custom roller for bedtime and diffuse. I like to switch up what I use according to my mood and what “sounds good” to me. You can totally do it based on your feelings and intuition. That usually indicates what you need most. For your teen, have them pick what smells best to them!

Friends, I have saved the best tip for last: There’s actually a significant connection between gut health and mental health. When I first heard that fact, I thought it was hooey; but it’s actually science. You can learn more here, or do a little research on your own. If you want a happy teen, start with MightyPro as a probiotic. They’re individually wrapped and taste like pixie sticks.

Hope this was helpful info for you as a starting point for helping your teens (or tots!) navigate the deep waters of physical, mental and emotional growth.

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